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Adjusting to singlehood again after divorce

The time after the divorce can be just as stressful as the process of ending your marriage in North Carolina. You must adjust to the new reality and situation – as well as being single once again. The status of being single again might be a relief for some and a...

You will not “lose everything” in divorce

“I’m going to take you for everything you’re worth.” This kind of threat is usually reserved for fictional couples who seek a divorce on the television programs we watch or in the books we read. However, it is common for individuals to worry about whether they will...

Enforcing the boundaries you built: Part 2

In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of establishing boundaries in divorce. However, building those boundaries will not mean much if you do not take the steps to enforce them during the process of your divorce as well as after you finalize it. It can...


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