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Guidance In Domestic Violence Cases

No one should have to endure domestic violence. No one should have to face false allegations of domestic violence, either.

If you have endured domestic abuse or your partner has accused you of abuse, Raleigh Divorce Law Firm can help you. We help people throughout North Carolina with issues involving domestic violence, including protective orders. As experienced family law attorneys, we can also help you with issues pertaining to divorce, custody and other matters.

If You Experienced Abuse, Protect Your Rights

Survivors of domestic violence have the right to seek a temporary protective order. If you have been the victim of domestic abuse, these orders can provide safety and relief. They prohibit the perpetrator from contacting you or coming within a certain distance of you. In some cases, they can also temporarily give you full use of your marital home and grant you physical custody of your children.

After the court issues this order, it will hold a hearing at which the person restrained by the order may appear to contest its issuance. Even so, the court may decide to issue a final order, which can last for up to one year.

How Emergency Custody Orders Can Protect Your Kids

If your co-parent poses a danger to your child, you can seek an emergency custody order. This would grant you temporary physical custody. Courts may issue one of these orders if:

  • A parent has substance abuse issues
  • A parent is using threatening, careless behavior
  • A parent has abandoned the child

It is critical to act as quickly as possible to obtain an emergency custody order if your child’s other parent is endangering your child. To help the process go as seamlessly as possible, work with an attorney who understands the legal process and will work tenaciously to protect you and your child.

Domestic Abuse Charges Can Affect Your Future

If your partner accuses you of domestic violence, it can have a long-lasting impact on your future, including any pending family legal matters. If a court rules that domestic violence has occurred, you may lose custody and visitation with your children. It can also influence your alimony payments. Whether your partner has made verbal accusations against you, has filed a temporary restraining order or is pressing criminal charges, contact Raleigh Divorce Law Firm to stand up for your rights.

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