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3 steps to take online during divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2024 | Divorce |

Perhaps you are very active on your social media account. Or maybe you only post once in a while. No matter how active you are on your accounts, you must take steps to protect yourself online.

As we discussed in a past blog post, social media plays a significant role – and poses a serious risk – in today’s divorces. So, here are three things you should consider in the process of ending your marriage.

1. Do not make your emotions public

Psych Central indicates that you should not post on social media when you are emotional. That guidance applies to everyone, but it is an especially important rule to follow when navigating a divorce.

Whether you experience sadness or anger, taking to social media can be dangerous. It is all too common to see someone post a furious rant on their account when they are upset. Even if someone were to regret that rant later, deleting it will not truly make it disappear from the internet.

On that note, you must remember that even if your accounts are set to private, that does not necessarily mean your posts are private. It is better to play it safe and avoid posting anything overly emotional for others to see.

2. Be extra cautious about what you post

Many people treat their social media accounts as a public diary, sharing their thoughts and discussing events in their lives. However, during a divorce, you should approach any post you make with great care.

It may help to avoid posting content related to:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Political or controversial opinions
  • Spending or shopping sprees
  • Any details related to your divorce

It is not merely a cliché to say anything posted online could come back to haunt you later. Posts could come up in the divorce proceedings, so you must move forward with caution.

3. Take the utmost care when talking about your kids

Many parents in North Carolina and across the country are choosing not to post images of their children online. After all, young children cannot consent to their image being posted for all to see – and the internet is a dangerous place.

However, there is a whole other reason to take such a stance during a divorce. Posting information about your kids or your parenting styles could also come into play during the custody negotiations. Avoiding any discussion of your kids online can not only help you protect them but also protect your parental rights.

It may benefit you to avoid social media altogether in a divorce. That way, you can remove one worry from your mind during this stressful time.