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Emergency Protection For Your Child

If the safety and health of your child is in danger, you may not have time to follow a standard child custody process. You may need an emergency order handled by the services of an experienced child custody attorney who can act swiftly. Secure legal counsel who knows North Carolina law, the judges and will aggressively process the paperwork.

At the law practice of Raleigh Divorce Law Firm, we can fight to protect you and your child’s rights in all custody issues, including petitioning an ex parte, or, emergency custody order. Our lawyers have been advocating for child custody matters since 2006 and will work proactively and urgently for you.

Petitioning An Emergency Child Custody Order

Requesting a court to grant an emergency child custody order is a serious legal matter. We can help file an emergency order to the court with a complaint through an ex parte proceeding . Ex parte, or, “for one party” in Latin, refers to how a judge can decide on the request without all parties present.

Factors For Obtaining Emergency Custody

If a child is at immediate risk for physical, sexual or emotional harm, and an emergency custody is petitioned, the court can act fast. Factors for North Carolina court-ordered emergency custody say the child must be at substantial risk of:

  • Bodily injury
  • Sexual abuse
  • Abduction or removal from the state

The experienced attorneys at our North Carolina offices have experience in handling urgent child custody concerns. We have made a name for ourselves through positive, workable strategies designed to help child custody clients. If you are experiencing any form of divorce or custody dispute, seek us for legal options.

Does Your Child Need Protection? Contact Our Emergency Custody Lawyers

Contact our offices right away if you believe your child is in danger under the care of the other parent. Contact us at 919-256-3970 or send us this quick request email. Our experience in contentious custody situations helps us act fiercely to protect the rights to your child.