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Raleigh Divorce Law Firm Client Testimonials

Raleigh Divorce Law Firm Client Testimonials

My experience with attorney, Blake Larsen, was excellent. I always felt that my case was very important to him. He always responded quickly to my messages. When my spouse was not prompt about responding, he was quick to intervene. He made a very stressful situation less so for me. I thought he was very well versed in divorce law and had sound advice to give me. He also seems to really enjoy his work and has a positive can-do attitude. Very professional and well worth the money I spent. I am a believer in outsourcing to an experienced professional.
~Leslie G.

Great team, I worked with Blake and he always gave me solid advise and customer service. Highly recommended.
~Jerrell C.

Being a “high income” earner, the guidelines for divorce go out the window.
Heather and her team helped me navigate the complex landscape, creating
strategy and solution. Ironically, it worked out for me and my family in
the best possible way. My X and I could focus on co-parenting and raising
our child.
~David G

If you find yourself in need of an exceptional lawyer who can deal with a high conflict divorce, custody, child support among other family law matters, then your search is over. I truly believe I was led to Heather and the Raleigh Divorce Law Firm team by divine intervention. My case is labeled a very high conflict case and I do believe that is an understatement. When I walked through those doors at Raleigh Divorce Law Firm for the very first time I was terrified. I had lost everything I believed in and now the person I loved more than myself was trying to take my children and what felt like my last breath.

Heather truly listened to me and treated me like someone who really mattered. In that moment, I only began to learn the magnitude of the expertise she possesses and immediately knew I wanted her to be the advocate for not only my interests but those of my most precious possessions, my children. Heather and her entire staff took on my case and have successfully fought with brilliant tenacity.

I was not only blessed by Heather’s competency and proficiency but Heather was an integral piece in my personal reformation. She brought light and strength to a shattered soul which has allowed me to be the light and strength my children now need. The only regret I have experienced since meeting Heather is that I had not contacted her at the onset of the separation. Don’t make my mistake set up your consultation right now.
~Sherie G.

Attorney Heather Williams has represented me for several years during my lengthy as well as complex separation and divorce. Her expertise, knowledge and dedication have not only been beneficial to me in the legal arena but in my personal life as well. Due to Heather’s efforts during this financial and emotional difficult time I have been able to focus on what’s most important in my life – my kids. She has assisted me with making some very difficult decisions and encouraged me every step of the way. Attorney Heather Williams and her team are certainly a force to be reckoned with and I feel extremely fortunate to have them fighting for me!
~ Melinda D.

RDLF handled my divorce this past year. When we started I did not know how the law worked for such an event. It was a great education and I felt supported all the way. I would recommend RDLF to anyone who finds themselves in the situation. I felt firmly represented and knew I could count on the advice that I was getting.
~ Rich L

My experience with Heather Williams and Lauren Hinzy at RDLF was exactly what I expected after my initial consultation. Experienced, Professional and take charge Attorneys with the compassion to handle the most sensitive and difficult family law matters. Heather and her staff kept me abreast every step of the way and made sure they were accessible at all times. Their ability to navigate through the system and put together a case which delivered an outcome that was expected speaks volumes. I think I speak for all men when I say the thought of entering a court room fighting for custody is a bit scary as it’s thought that men don’t stand a chance. Heather and her staff put that myth to bed by providing outstanding legal services and professional and knowledgeable experience. I can’t thank them enough for what they were able to do for me and my kids.
~ Willie D


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