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Considering A Divorce? What Are Your Options?

It is rare for an individual to seek a divorce without giving it serious thought and contemplating all available options. If you are considering a divorce, it helps to have a knowledgeable, experienced family law attorney on your side.

At the Raleigh Divorce Law Firm, we understand the challenges you and your family are facing. We are prepared to take you through the entire divorce process, from your initial filing through any necessary post-divorce modification. We provide a safe, comfortable environment for you to discuss your divorce, and we invest the time and effort needed to obtain positive results.

Support And Counsel For All Divorce-Related Matters

We provide support and legal counsel in all divorce-related matters, involving:

  • Mediation – Avoid costly trial with out-of-court mediation.
  • Litigation – Go to trial if needed, with guidance from an attorney.
  • Child custody – This main area of divorce with children entails custody, parents’ rights and what’s best for children.
  • Child support – Strategize child support with guidance from deeply-knowledgeable lawyers.
  • Equitable distribution of property – From high asset divorce situations to inherited financial gifts, get a case review by an experienced counsel.

Solid Representation For Different Types Of Divorce

No-Fault Divorce

A no-fault divorce is typically the quickest divorce process. No-fault divorce applies to the following situations:

  • Spouses have lived separate and apart for one year
  • Spouses have lived separate and apart for three consecutive years, without cohabitation, because of the incurable insanity of one party

Our highly-experienced divorce attorneys can help you from filing to completion of a no-fault divorce.

Divorce From Bed And Board

A divorce from bed and board is used when a separation is desired and the other party refuses to leave the house. Grounds for this type of divorce include:

  • Abandonment
  • Malicious ejection of the other spouse from the family home
  • Physical, mental, or emotional abuse that endangers the other spouse’s life or renders it intolerable
  • Excessive use of drugs or alcohol
  • Adultery

Whatever the reason for seeking a bed and board divorce, the collaborative attorneys at our North Carolina practice can help.

Legal Separation

A legal separation covers many divorce decisions in a written contract called a Separation Agreement and Property Settlement, between spouses who want to live separately. The divorce itself must be done at court. The written agreement detailing the terms of the separation may be signed by both spouses in the presence of a certifying officer.

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