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Is Going To Court Right For You?

Once you make the decision to divorce, you and your spouse face another choice: determining if litigation is the right path to resolution. Many families find that alternatives such as mediation and arbitration are excellent ways to settle a divorce on amicable terms and ease their family’s transition into its new configuration. Mediation and arbitration have the added benefit of saving money; these options are considerably less costly than litigation.

At the Raleigh Divorce Law Firm, we understand the impact a dissolving marriage can cause on your finances. We work closely with every client to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Whether you want a traditional, litigated divorce or would like to pursue a collaborative break up through mediation, our understanding and personalized family law lawyers put you first.

Mediation: A More Collaborative Choice

Mediation can be a non-adversarial option where couples may dissolve their marriage in a dignified, respectful manner. Mediation can offer these benefits:

  • Meetings with a trained, neutral party can facilitate proactive discussions and limit conflict regarding the terms of the divorce.
  • Facilitation of communication between both parties is helpful when children are involved.
  • Guidance from a professional can resolve all or some issues, reducing the number a judge needs to address.
  • Open communication can continue after the divorce is final and the parties agree on a parenting plan.

Our highly skilled divorce attorneys will be with you every step of the way through mediation, providing legal information and advice, and acting as a sounding board when you need to discuss vital issues.

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Arbitration: An Out-Of-Court Option

If your divorce is too contentious to resolve through mediation, and litigation in court is not your choice, arbitration is an option. Arbitration is similar to as each of you retain an attorney. Then, your side is presented to an arbitrator in a proceeding similar to a hearing or trial. Unlike litigation, which can be appealed, arbitration is typically binding, so neither party can appeal the arbitrator’s decision. Parties involved in arbitration set the arbitrator’s rules prior to entering arbitration and agree to abide by the arbitrator’s decision.

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