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Tips: How to Ask Your Ex for a Child Support Modification

The agreements parents reach when they finalize their divorce will likely not work forever. While family courts and parents try to consider the family's future circumstances when establishing these agreements, it is not always possible to predict the future accurately. 

Therefore, it is often necessary for families to modify their original agreements, such as their child support agreement, to ensure it continues to meet the child's needs and the paying parent's abilities.

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Four tips for deciding custody out-of-court

In North Carolina, family courts generally prefer divorcing parents to establish a custody agreement for themselves, outside of court. This allows parents to make their decision based on what is best for their family. After all, they understand their family's needs better than any family court could.

However, negotiating a child custody agreement can be emotionally challenging for both parents. How do they know what should influence their agreement, or what special considerations they must take into account?

Keeping assets separate: Does it help make divorce easier?

Earlier this summer, NBC reported that a current trend is changing the way couples approach finances that could impact a marriage--as well as a divorce.

The study found that more couples nowadays choose not to combine their bank accounts when they get married. Instead, they keep their bank accounts and even credit card accounts separate.

Five things adult children may deal with during an elder divorce

Your parents have been married for 20, 30 or even 40 years and you didn’t think they would ever separate and eventually divorce. It can be a hard experience to process emotionally when they tell you that a divorce is happening.

Many children face the reality of their parents divorcing at a young age, but with the divorce rate among older couples increasing, adult children are dealing with the aftermath of divorce more than ever.

You might benefit from a marriage exit plan

The term "exit plan" usually refers to business matters. It is not something that many people might think of when they are seeking a divorce.

However, using this type of tool in a divorce can give individuals a significant advantage. Getting a divorce in North Carolina often involves numerous details and steps that spouses must take, but an exit plan can help individuals organize their priorities before moving forward with a divorce.

How can you manage emotions during mediation?

Last week, we discussed how letting emotions dominate the divorce mediation process can create even more challenges for couples seeking a divorce. It is critical for individuals to find ways to manage these emotions throughout their divorce proceedings to avoid these challenges. Here are a few practical tips to help divorcing spouses handle their emotions.

Emotions can make mediation harder

It is no secret that divorce evokes many complicated emotions. Even when spouses decide to pursue a divorce through mediation, they still experience a wide range of emotions. After all, the end of a marriage can be incredibly stressful and anxiety-inducing.

It is unhealthy to deny and overlook the emotional stages of divorce, but divorcing spouses should also be careful. These complicated emotions can easily prevent mediation from being a productive process for either spouse. 

Should we stay together for the kids?

The decision to divorce brings with it an array of emotions. Many will often doubt their decision and consider an attempt to make the relationship work, especially if there are children involved.

Divorce can indeed have a significant impact on children. Many parents might think it is better to stay together for their kids, but is this really true?

Is money stress keeping women in unhappy marriages?

Deciding whether to file for divorce or not is a daunting and life-changing choice. After all, divorce itself is not easy, but it is sometimes necessary for individuals who do not feel happy or fulfilled in their marriage to find a new start in their life.

However, new evidence suggests that women might not be pursuing divorce as an option if they feel too much financial stress. 

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