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How can divorced parents handle school events?

In North Carolina, school is in full swing for your child. That also means that it is time for school-sponsored special events and extracurricular activities that welcome a student’s family to attend. These events can play a big role in your child’s life, whether they...

Should you have a separation agreement?

In North Carolina, spouses must complete a separation period of at least one year and one day before they can move forward with the process to finalize their divorce. We have discussed this requirement in previous blog posts. However, as you consider ending your...

What is “the divorce gap?”

Choosing to get a divorce from your spouse is a big decision – and a feat. Now, you must divide your marital assets and separate your very lifestyle from your spouse’s. The aftermath of this separation and eventual divorce can leave many women experiencing a “gap” in...

Do most divorces take place in January?

Have you seen articles and reports dubbing January as “divorce month?” It's not necessarily a myth, but it may be slightly misleading. Divorce is complicated, but you may be curious about the reasoning behind the claims. According to Insider, the facts are: Online...


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