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Is the decision not to vaccinate against a child's best interest?

"The best interests of the child." It's a phrase heard in family courts across the nation, including here in North Carolina. But what does it mean? This legal standard leaves a lot up to interpretation for courts and for parents. Unfortunately, when it comes to certain issues like education, religious beliefs, and medical care, some parents have wildly different opinions on what is in the best interests of their child and what isn't. 

Take for example the anti-vaxing movement, which has found traction in our country over the past few years. While some parents believe that vaccinating children on schedule per a doctor's recommendation is a good idea and "in the child's best interests," a growing number of parents feel strongly against vaccination. As you can imagine, this issue has sparked a debate that recently got the family courts involved.

Consider a postnuptial agreement after these 3 events

Marriage is not a flat line; there are ups and downs that every couple experiences. Over the course of these events, spouses can change how they feel about their relationship, their priorities and their future. 

In light of certain events, it will be prudent to examine your legal options for protecting yourself and your property claims in case the relationship ends in divorce. One option is to create a postnuptial agreement. You may want to do this after the following events.

Tips for traveling with your kids if you share custody

Millions of people travel over the holidays, whether it is just over the river and through the woods or on a flight across the world. Regardless of where your travel plans take you this holiday season, you would be wise to take steps now to ensure your trip goes smoothly, particularly if you share custody of your kids and plan to take them with you.

In this post, we will look at some of the basic steps you can take to avoid custodial conflicts and help your children enjoy the holidays.

The impact of the tax reform proposal on divorce

Tax reform is often a hot topic in the media. Media hosts and guests debate on how these proposals will impact the population. Who will pay less, who will pay more? One debate currently circulating throughout news stories involves the potential for the current proposal to impact those who are going through a divorce. 

What are the tax implications of divorce?

Many tax issues can arise during divorce. Many of these tax consequences affect the property division portion of the proceeding, and need to be carefully addressed in any agreements or court orders. However, two additional areas that couples often need to address during divorce involve the payment and receipt of child support and spousal support, also referred to as alimony.

Getting divorced? Don't make these property division mistakes

Financial security and stability can be difficult to regain in the aftermath of a divorce. People are living on less household income; they have legal and living expenses they didn't have before; the costs of paying for credit cards, car payments and healthcare can increase significantly.

Because of all the financial obligations that may fall on you after divorce, it is important to secure a fair settlement. However, in order to do this, you need to avoid some costly missteps during the property division process.

What can we learn from divorce statistics and studies?

It seems that every day, a new study or report comes out attempting to predict or explain divorce. In reality, though, these studies are likely not going to prevent a divorce, and no one should make decisions about their marriages and relationships based on statistics.

However, certain studies and findings can reveal trends or behaviors that can help people plan ahead if they are getting divorced. For instance, Raleigh residents might glean some interesting information from a recent article on five possible predictors of divorce.

Eight situations that could warrant a modification of child support

Being a parent is a lifelong role that constantly changes, and you will have to make adjustments to adapt to these changes. This is particularly true for parents who share custody of their children.

One adjustment you may need to make is to modify a child support order. If you have recently experienced a significant shift in your resources as a parent or in the needs of your child, then you may need to explore the options of modification.

Unmarried fathers should establish paternity

You and your girlfriend had a baby. You were excited to hold your child in your arms. The love you felt for this new little bundle is more than you thought was possible. You got swept up in the emotions and newness of being a father.

Four ways mediation can benefit your children

In previous posts, we have discussed the various ways in which mediation can help divorcing spouses reach fair and amicable resolutions to the issues in their case. 

It is also important to recognize that mediation can be advantageous for other people besides the divorcing spouses. For instance, your children can benefit from this method of alternative dispute resolution as well and for a number of reasons we will examine in this post. 

How can a prenuptial agreement help with property division?

Divorce is typically one of the last things people want to think about when they are about to get married. However, couples who have certain assets, children from previous relationships or anything else to protect in the event of a divorce would be wise to at least consider having a prenuptial agreement in place.

There are a number of reasons why a prenup can be effective if you are getting married, especially with regard to the property division process. Below are three of these reasons.

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