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Can my ex change our child's appearance without my permission?

Kids change every day. They get older, their tastes and personalities change, and they want to try new things. It can be a challenge for parents to adjust to these changes, especially when they alter how moms and dads see their children.

This is why it can be so upsetting when parents share custody and one parent allows or makes changes to a child's appearance without consulting the other parent. To avoid these situations, it can be crucial to plan ahead.

4 ways to deal with difficult custody exchanges

Raising a child with an ex can be difficult, especially when you see that person as volatile, unreliable and/or mean. Under those circumstances, even the briefest interactions during custody exchangescan be stressful and spiral into all-out fights.

Not only can these situations be hard on the adults involved, but they can also be painful for the children. With that in mind, there are some ways to make difficult custody exchanges a little easier.

Tips for discussing debt during divorce mediation

Mediating a divorce allows parties to have more control over the outcome. This can be particularly beneficial when it comes to highly personal matters like dividing marital and/or divisible debt. 

According to various surveys, people often cite debt as one of the factors contributing to their divorce. As such, it can be helpful to know how you might address the various types of debt during your mediation session(s) in the pursuit of a fair property division settlement. 

Are you allowed to move when you have a child custody agreement?

You believe your children need both parents to grow into happy, healthy adults. That is why you agreed to share custody or allow visitation with your former spouse. However, you were just promoted, and your new job will require a move. Or maybe you are longing to live closer to your relatives. Whatever the reason, the time has come for you to relocate, but you are not sure whether you can legally move with your kids.

Protecting your retirement plans during a divorce

Planning for retirement is a decades-long goal, and one that not everyone has the desire or resources to pursue. To complicate planning further, according to a recent survey, a divorce can be almost as hard on your retirement plans as a recession.

However, you can take steps to protect your retirement and your finances during a North Carolina divorce.

Millennial and engaged? Why you might consider a prenup

Couples across North Carolina plan weddings in summer and fall. If you are among these couples, then chances are you are doing a lot of wedding planning. You might be making plans for what to wear, who to invite and how you want your celebration to look. 

However, getting married is about more than planning a wedding; it is also about planning for the future. Increasingly, this means considering a prenuptial agreement. 

3 challenges of putting a price on marital property

Dividing property is typically one of the most onerous steps in a divorce. People are often dealing with painful emotions that cloud judgment and make it difficult to know what is fair. There are also logistical obstacles in dividing property that further complicate the process.

One part of the property division process that presents problems involves valuing each asset. Valuations are critical because they are the basis for equitable distribution. In other words, to divide property fairly, you must first know the value of the property. There are at least a few challenges that can arise when valuing property.

4 expenses that can catch you by surprise during your divorce

There is a lot about divorce that catches some by surprise. People are frequently able to resolve matters through mediation, even though they might expect that their case would have to go litigation.Others may assume that one parent will get full custody when in reality, parents often share custody.

Financial obligations during the divorce process is another element that can catch people off guard.

What to expect when mediating a North Carolina divorce

Divorce and other family law matters are often highly emotional and personal. As such, mediation can play a crucial role in resolving such matters because it allows participants to have some control over the outcome and work out solutions together. 

If you are getting divorce and anticipate going through mediation to resolve at least some issues, it can be helpful to know what to expect from the mediation process.

Men: Don't be afraid to ask for support during divorce

People traditionally think of men as less emotional and more pragmatic than women. Many people also assume men are the breadwinners in a family and play a less active role in the lives of their children than mothers do.

However, these assumptions can be off-base and damaging. They often make men going through a divorce think that they don't need or qualify for various types of support, but that is simply not true.

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