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Who gets the pet in a North Carolina divorce?

Dividing property during a divorce can be one of the most divisive and complex steps in the divorce process. It can be even more complicated when it comes to something that takes on far more meaning than a piece of property.

For instance, did you know that in the eyes of the law, pets are property in North Carolina? This means that courts can treat your dog, cat or other animal, as if it were a piece of furniture during a divorce. If you want to avoid this, you can take steps to resolve the matter outside of the court.

Could your job lead to divorce?

A recent study out of Denmark provided some interesting data about some traits of people who divorce. That study revealed that people at the highest risk of divorce worked in fields dominated by the opposite gender and/or fields where there is a considerable socialization element.

More specifically, the report says that people working in hotels and restaurant have the highest rate of divorce. On the other hand, people working in more isolated roles, like librarians and farmers, have the lowest rate of divorce. Below we look at what -- if anything -- this information could mean for couples here in North Carolina.

With a co-parenting plan, details can make all the difference

After going through a divorce or break up with your child's other parent, it can feel like every conversation leads to an argument. It's common for irrelevant issues to come up even when attempting to discuss parenting issues.

That's where a parenting plan can help. These documents can defuse an argument before it starts, as it is something you've both agreed to. A good parenting plan must be in-depth and account for as many situations as possible, while maintaining a certain amount of flexibility. Here are some important details to include when creating a parenting plan:

What might interference with child custody look like?

When parents (or other adults) share custody of a child with someone else, communication and complying with court orders are essential responsibilities to ensure the child is safe. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen.

Violations of child custody orders can and do occur in North Carolina. One type of violation can happen when one parent tries to hurt the other parent by disrupting his or her parental rights and time with the child. This is custodial interference, and it can have serious repercussions for a parent.

Protecting yourself during a divorce involving addiction

Addiction can put incredible strain on a marriage. It can destroy trust, drain finances and spark increasingly hostile and angry fights. For many people who are in this situation, the addiction could be a major factor in a person's decision to file for divorce.

If you are getting divorced from a spouse who is dealing with an addiction, be it alcohol or video games, there are some important protective measures you should consider taking during the divorce process. 

Co-parenting challenges? Consider mediation

We often discuss mediation in the context of divorce on this blog. And while mediation is certainly a common and effective means of resolving divorce-related matters, it can also help parents resolve disputes long after a divorce is final.

For instance, if you share custody of your children with your ex, mediation can be a helpful option if you find yourself in a dispute regarding your rights or your child's well-being.

Seeking modification of child custody orders in North Carolina

Think about the changes that you might have experienced in the last year or so. You might have started or ended a relationship, moved, changed jobs or taken a vacation that changed your outlook on life. If you're a parent, you might have helped your child through changes like new schools, new friends and navigating new life experiences.

In other words, a lot might have changed for you and your children. Under these circumstances, you could be wondering if your current child custody order is still appropriate. If you believe it is not, then you might consider seeking a modification of your current custody order. However, there are a few important things you should first.

Financial mistakes to avoid during divorce

During a divorce, people are dealing with a lot of stress and making some difficult decisions. On top of this, they are transitioning from one household into two. Often, one of the main sources of contention and concern during this time is the financial standing of each party.

Under such overwhelming circumstances, divorcing spouses could wind up making some missteps and poor decisions out of self-preservation. However, these financial mistakes could backfire and end up causing serious problems. Below, we examine a few such mistakes that you will want to avoid when you are dividing assets in a divorce.

Is divorce contagious?

There are countless statistics about divorce, from how many people go through one to how old people are when they divorce. 

Sometimes these statistics can shed some light onto an unusual or confusing aspect of divorce; other times, they explain an interesting trend. For instance, recently, researchers recently conducted a study and found that people are more likely to divorce if their friend -- or even a friend of a friend -- gets divorced.

What to consider for bird's nest co-parenting arrangements

One of the main concerns for divorcing parents is the impact their separation will have on their child. A recent study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation which analyzes factors that determine the well-being of children throughout the United States is amplifying some of those fears. While North Carolina ranked close to the middle in most of the factors such as health and education, the state placed 36th when it came to the family and community category.

Part of this poor ranking came from a result of the state having 36 percent of its children living with single parents. A child can experience varying negative psychological effects when they witness their parents separate. To avoid some of these effects, more divorcing parents are considering the "bird's nest" co-parenting arrangement. This means that the child stays in the same house while the two parents take turns taking care of their kid in the house and living elsewhere.

While many agree this helps the child process the separation better, there are numerous conditions to think about before settling on this arrangement.

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