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Frequently asked questions about child custody in North Carolina

During divorce proceedings, child custody is often a volatile subject. Child custody is a complex topic; thus, questions are frequent and abundant. Below you’ll find answers to some of the more pressing questions regarding child custody.

1. Are there differences between legal and physical custody?

The unknown benefits of mediation

Even in an amicable divorce, it can be easy for spouses to see things in extremes: black and white, his or hers or winning and losing. After all, a divorce is often an incredibly emotional and stressful event. Taking a divorce to court often only escalates these already extreme feelings which, in turn, heightens the risk of disputes.

That is where mediation can help.

New comprehensive app launched to help co-parents

Nowadays, it seems there really is an app for everything. There are apps for anything from stress relief to budgeting, and now even parenting.

There are several apps dedicated to helping parents deal with tough situations, including co-parenting after divorce. However, a new app that adds artificial intelligence (AI) into the equation could be a turning point in how these apps help co-parents who choose to use them.

Here's what you should do before each mediation session

More and more couples are choosing to resolve their domestic issues and finalize their divorce through mediation. Divorce mediation can provide separating spouses with a more peaceful option to end their marriage, but it can still take a lot of work - and put you under a significant amount of stress.

Here are a few steps you can take before each mediation session to help them be truly productive and reduce your stress.

Considering a trial separation? Here's what you should know.

Deciding to get a divorce is life-changing. Even if individuals are unhappy in their marriage, they might still wonder whether or not a divorce is the right choice. This is why many couples undertake a trial separation before moving forward with a divorce.

Here are a few things couples should know if they are considering a trial separation:

Why are more older couples deciding to divorce?

The rate at which couples over 50 are divorcing has increased significantly over the years.

In fact, the rate of divorce for baby boomers has nearly doubled since 1990. This may not be new information, but it still leaves many people wondering: why are more individuals over 50 seeking a divorce?

5 Considerations for custody arrangements

If parents cannot come to an agreement on child custody, they may turn to the courts for help.

According to North Carolina law, a judge determines how the custody arrangement will be divided between parents based on the child’s best interest, but what does that really mean? Here are five areas that a judge might consider when making custody decisions.

How can I obtain primary custody of my child in North Carolina?

No one likes to think about how divorce will change their relationship with their child. In many cases, children end up splitting time between both their parents after a divorce. This is known as joint custody, where parents share parenting time and physical custody of their child. However, some parents would rather have custody of their child, limiting their child’s time with the other parent to only visits.

Can families celebrate holidays together after divorce?

As we welcome November, we also welcome the busy holiday season. This time causes many newly-divorced parents to wonder how they should approach the holidays after their divorce.

In recent years, collaborative co-parenting has appeared in the spotlight as many divorced celebrities put their children first and spend the holidays together. This has led many parents to wonder whether they should celebrate together with their ex-spouse as well.

How can you help your child adjust to two homes?

During and after the divorce process, parents will likely not live together. It may take some time for divorced parents to grow accustomed to living on their own and in their own space again.

It can be especially difficult for children - particularly young children - to get used to living in two homes as well, as they get used to the reality of their parents' divorce. So, here are a few tips for divorced parents to help make this transition easier for both them and their children.

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