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4 serious mistakes that can complicate custody cases

Every child custody case has the potential to be complicated and emotional. And while many result in amicable, agreeable solutions, others can become lengthy, bitter courtroom battles.

If you are hoping to avoid the latter in your own custody case, it would be wise to avoid the following four missteps. 

Relationships you may want to reconsider during a divorce

When people divorce, the marriage may not be the only relationship going through a dramatic change. Oftentimes, there are other people who may no longer be a good fit in your life, either.

As such, a divorce can be a good time to revisit these relationships to determine which ones continue to be valuable and which ones you may want to terminate. Some examples of these follow below.

Can I change our spousal support order?

After a divorce, court orders can keep exes connected for years. And often, these orders -- like orders for spousal support -- have financial repercussions on everyone involved. As such, it is important to ensure they remain fair as circumstances change over time.

If they are no longer fair, it can be possible to modify these orders. However, modification is only appropriate in certain situations.

Could an app make it easier to share child custody?

North Carolina families have been dealing with legal issues like divorce and child custody for decades. And while these cases may be more visible now than they were a generation or two ago, the fact is that they are not new issues.

However, there are new approaches and solutions that can help parents address these problems in innovative ways. For instance, technology like mobile phone and tablet applications known as "apps" can make co-parenting or sharing custody easier and less adversarial.

3 steps to take if you are ready to remarry

Divorce is a difficult chapter in many people's lives. However, it is only one chapter. After a divorce, people move on and hopefully find happiness in a new life -- and often, a new relationship.

If you are in this situation, remarrying could be on the horizon. While you may be more than ready to embrace a new marriage, there are a few steps you would be wise to take to keep the previous marriage and unfortunate experiences in the past. 

Ready to divorce? Mediation could be the key to doing so amicably

People resolve to be happier, healthier and more productive over the next 12 months. And for some people, this could involve ending their marriage.

In fact, people often refer to January as "Divorce Month", because it is the month in which many couples decide to file for divorce. If this includes you, and if you are among the many people looking to make 2019 a more fulfilling and less stressful year for you, then considering mediation as the means of divorcing should be at the top of your list of priorities.

January can see a lot of divorce filings

Divorces can happen at any time of the year. But there are certain times that typically see spikes in divorce filings. The month of January is one of these times.

Why might divorce be on a lot of couple's minds in January? There are a lot of factors that could be at play in this.

A couple of factors to consider prior to divorce

Ending a marriage can be difficult financially and emotionally. This is the case even in the best of situations, where both parties are able to find common ground on divorce matters such as property division. Individuals who are thinking about getting divorced in North Carolina may want to consider a couple of important factors regarding the formal dissolution of a marriage.

First, children are an important consideration during the divorce process. After all, after the two parents get divorced, their children will end up living in two households, not just one. As a result, the divorced spouses will not see them as often as they did prior to the divorce, which may be emotionally challenging for them at first. Furthermore, they will have to figure out a way to divide or alternate holidays every year.

New tax laws regarding alimony to begin in 2019

Laws impacting the Family Law realm of litigation change relatively frequently in the United States, whether it's a new state law changing the treatment of animals in a divorce or a change in how we interpret the best interests of a child.

One of the most noteworthy changes recently is the Trump administration's tax reforms regarding alimony, or spousal support. In accordance with those laws, which go into effect on Jan. 1, 2019, alimony payments will no longer be deductible by the paying party; the receiving spouse will not have to report the payments as income. This can affect divorcing and divorced couples across North Carolina.

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