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One thing not to overlook in divorce? Your cellphone

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | Divorce |

Almost everyone has a cellphone nowadays. They are an essential tool that help us connect with loved ones across North Carolina and the nation, keep track of photos, messages and even our expenses.

Surprisingly, these tools we use daily can become an issue in divorce proceedings.

Report of unexpected issues and expenses in divorce

In 2019, a data analyst published an article in Business Insider detailing the surprising expenses they faced in the process of the divorce. Some of these surprise costs included:

  • Refinancing the auto loan;
  • Moving into a new place; and
  • Attending therapy after the divorce.

However, there was one critical item that surprised many people on this list- the cellphone.

Privacy might be an issue in divorce matters

Often, married couples share a cellphone plan. Joining a family plan often means individuals can obtain better deals or discounts with their mobile carrier – especially if they have children with cellphones as well.

However, the family plan can quickly become a point of contention for divorcing spouses. Common concerns that individuals have when they continue to share a joint cell phone plan often center on privacy, including:

  • If their spouse can kick them off the plan or shut off service;
  • If their spouse can track their location through their cellphone; or
  • If their spouse can monitor their data usage or other activities.

Maintaining privacy is important, especially when navigating a divorce.

Finances and cellphone plans are a concern too

Many individuals opt to leave their joint cell phone plan simply because they do not want to share it with their soon-to-be-ex-spouse. However, as the Business Insider article notes, this can lead to some unforeseen expenses, including:

  • Paying fees to separate the phone plan;
  • Paying off the phone and bills to leave that plan;
  • Arranging billing matters; and
  • Obtaining a new phone and plan.

Resolving these matters often differs by carrier and company, but they can often be a frustrating ordeal for individuals to organize on top of all the other matters in their divorce. Regardless of the issues individuals face in their divorce, it is often beneficial to consult a knowledgeable divorce attorney to help navigate the proceedings efficiently.