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Consistency is the key in co-parenting

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2024 | Child Custody |

There are many details that co-parents need to plan for when raising their children, both large and small. However, those small details can have a considerable impact on a child’s life. For example, the matter of consistency may seem small at first, but it is a very important aspect co-parents must consider.

Routine is good for kids

In general, healthy routines can reduce stress for people of all ages. Children especially often thrive when they have a daily routine. It offers a sense of security. When children know what to expect during their day, they often exhibit fewer behavioral issues and feel more confident, according to PBS.

But inconsistent rules are an issue

If a routine can be a crucial component of a child’s development, a lack of one can potentially cause problems. Particularly, a lack of consistent rules in the household can confuse children and lead them to act out even more.

For example, if a parent reacts to a certain behavior – such as a tantrum – in a strict manner some of the time and then in a lenient manner the next, children are less likely to know what to expect from their behavior or their parents.

Of course, parents are aware of these matters. Even so, it bears repeating that rules, limits and boundaries should be clear to both parents and children.

Address this matter in the parenting plan

Of course, you and your co-parent may not follow the same parenting styles or strategies. This is especially common when you live separate lives in separate households.

It is also unrealistic to expect that you both will parent the exact same way. Even married parents do not do so. However, there should be a baseline of consistency that you both follow for your child to rely on. For example, there should be a higher level of consistency when it comes to:

  • Rules
  • Discipline
  • Household expectations

While the custody and parenting plan must follow North Carolina guidelines, it can be customized to your family’s needs. Co-parents must address the legal and logistical matters of parenting, as well as their daily approaches. Ensuring a workable level of consistency can help children feel secure in both households and help parents collaborate.