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Overview: Complex issues in today’s divorces

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2022 | Divorce |

There are specific legal matters that spouses must address in any divorce, including the division of marital property and often child custody. However, there are issues within these legal matters that can take center stage – and these can change by generation.

Each generation has its own values influenced by how society develops around them. So, what are the issues that frequently arise in divorce nowadays?

3 issues that could affect divorce now

As values and times change, the primary issues spouses must address in a divorce often do as well. These are some of the most common issues many divorcing spouses face:

  1. Technology: This is not something new, but as technology’s role in our everyday lives increases, so does the effect it has on divorce. Technology is a two-fold issue in divorce, relating to:
    • The division of expensive technological assets such as smart devices, computers, cellphone plans, streaming accounts and many more.
    • The risk social media poses to individuals’ health and even the outcome of their divorce, should they badmouth or bully their ex-spouse on such platforms. The risk of one’s online behavior has only been highlighted in current events.
  2. Digital finances: These are separate matters from technology. There is a wide variety of digital assets that are specifically financial. These include anything from cryptocurrency to digital money transfer apps – with Venmo being one of the most popular. These assets are complex since they are often difficult to value and trace. Yet, studies estimate that over 20 million Americans own cryptocurrency, making the division of these assets a common issue individuals now face in their divorce.
  3. Pets: The question of who keeps the pets is becoming a major concern and dispute in divorces. Many states are now establishing certain rules that reflect a custody agreement for pets in response to this increasing trend. North Carolina does not have such rules, but many spouses still face this difficult issue when they divorce.

Several issues can play a large role in divorce. These three are not the only ones by far. Even so, these are some matters that individuals should understand and prepare for if a divorce is on the horizon.