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Are career choices causing conflict in your relationship?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2023 | Divorce |

There are many points of conflict that can lead spouses to seek a divorce. Finances have taken the lead as one of the most common reasons for disputes in a marriage. However, it seems that spouses’ careers may also cause a stir in some cases. What are these potential impacts and reasons for disputes?

A new survey reports career choices as a common conflict

Your career affects both your professional and personal life in significant ways. As we have discussed in a previous blog post, it can be challenging to keep those effects and issues separate between your work and life. A new report indicates that many couples nowadays are experiencing such challenges.

CNBC reported that 46% of divorced spouses responded in a survey that career choices contributed significantly to the conflict they faced while married. It seems that the reason for conflict was not often the choice of a career in and of itself, but usually the work-life balance. For example, in these cases, conflict often stems from:

  • The time spouses invested in work versus their home or personal life
  • A stark difference between both spouses’ work-life balances

Important note: It always bears repeating that everyone – and therefore every relationship – is different. This may be what 46% of people in one survey reported, but that does not mean that career matters are a cause of conflict for everyone.

Conflict like this often boils down to values

Again, it is not often the choice of career or industry that creates the conflict in a marriage. It generally centers around each spouse’s values, and whether or not they match on that subject.

For example, if both spouses prioritize their careers, the risk of their careers leading to a dispute is low. It is when values are not in balance that conflict can often arise. This is not just the case with career choices either. Your personal values play a big role in your relationship – and the reasons for disputes.

Conflict or disagreements regarding career priorities are not the only thing that can lead to a divorce. There are often many other contributing factors that break down the trust and foundation of a relationship. Even so, it can help to be aware of trends like these, especially as you navigate conflicts of your own.