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Work and life are not easy to keep separate during a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Divorce |

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a goal for many people. Even if you strike a careful balance, that does not mean that these two aspects of life do not affect each other. Your personal life will have an effect on your work life – and vice versa.

If you and your partner choose to get a divorce, the impact on both aspects of your life can increase significantly. Here’s how:

How can your career affect your divorce?

Your career impacts your divorce settlement primarily in financial ways. After all, your job is likely your primary source of income, which plays a large role in the division of marital assets and other potential support obligations. For example:

You may also have to address insurance coverage. Depending on whose employment-based coverage you chose during the marriage, you may have to inform your carrier about the changes in marital status or apply for insurance through your employer.

How could divorce affect your career?

Divorce is a significant life event and a big change. Studies find that divorce is the second most stressful event someone can experience, just after the death of a spouse. Therefore, it is no surprise that such stress could affect your job.

Dealing with the stress of life events, including divorce, could affect your work life in many ways, including:

  • Struggles in performance due to inability to focus or preoccupation with personal matters
  • The need to adjust work schedules due to child custody issues and hearing dates

It is often helpful to inform your supervisor about any such events in your life. If they are aware of these issues – and how they might temporarily affect your work – you may be able to work out a strategy together to help you move forward.

You can ease these effects

There are ways you can mitigate the effects of divorce on both your career and your personal life. As The Muse suggests, it may help to take some time off work to focus on self-care and your health. It could also help to seek support and guidance throughout the process of your divorce, so you do not feel overwhelmed.

It is natural to experience stress in these situations, just as it is natural for stress to affect the aspects of your daily life. That does not mean you have to let stress control your life. You can navigate the divorce while still managing your stress in effective ways.