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Do most divorces take place in January?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Divorce |

Have you seen articles and reports dubbing January as “divorce month?” It’s not necessarily a myth, but it may be slightly misleading.

Divorce is complicated, but you may be curious about the reasoning behind the claims. According to Insider, the facts are:

  • Online searches regarding divorce increase in early January
  • Family lawyers also see an increase in calls about divorces in January

Some say this is because the stress of the holidays can add significant pressure to an already tension-filled relationship. Additionally, the new year is when many people make big decisions or take steps to start fresh.

The number of people considering divorce may increase in January, but whether or not that warrants the title of divorce month is uncertain. It may also be subject to change, as The Atlantic found in 2016 that actual divorce filings spiked in March and August – not January.

Your situation is unique

These facts on searches and filings may be interesting, but that does not mean they have any bearing on your own experience. Divorce is an intensely personal process. No divorce is the same as another, even if their timing happens to coincide.

Even so, if you do find yourself considering divorce at any time of year, here are a few facts you should consider:

  • Your family’s needs: As we mentioned in a previous blog post, January also happens to be International Child-Centered Divorce Month. On that note, it is critical to put your children first, even if you are merely debating divorce during the holiday season.
  • Separation comes first: In North Carolina, you must meet the separation requirements before filing for divorce. This means that even if you are looking into your options now, you will not be able to actually file for divorce until a year and a day has passed.
  • Finances fluctuate: The holiday season will impact your finances in many ways, from increasing spending to receiving holiday bonuses. These changes in your finances could, in turn, affect when you decide to separate from your spouse.

These three factors are always critical to consider in the event of a divorce. However, when dealing with the hectic holiday season it becomes even more important to evaluate your current circumstances, so you can plan ahead for your future – regardless of when you find yourself considering a divorce.