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When will my divorce be final?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2022 | Divorce |

The moment that spouses file, they often wonder: when will they finalize their divorce? How long will it take? The answers to these questions vary depending on your circumstances. Even so, there are a few details you should understand about the process of finalizing the divorce.

When is the divorce finalized?

In terms of how long it takes to finalize the divorce, the answer will depend on certain factors. These frequently include:

  • The process of the divorce, or whether spouses chose mediation or went to court
  • The conflict or disagreement spouses face throughout the divorce

If you meet the separation requirements under North Carolina law, it is technically possible to finalize the divorce within 90 days after filing. However, many factors can affect the duration of the divorce process.

What do you have to do to finalize the divorce?

The actual action of finalizing the divorce also depends on the process spouses choose. Your divorce is officially final if:

  • In mediation, you and your spouse sign the legally binding divorce agreement
  • In court, the judge signs the divorce decree or final order

The day of the signing is when you will officially be divorced. The law will recognize that you are no longer married.

Remember: “Finalizing” makes up the divorce process

The act of “finalizing the divorce” is the signing of the decree or agreement. However, the entire procedure of your divorce leads up to the final agreement. Therefore, negotiating the details of your divorce makes up the process of “finalizing” as well. It is important to carefully determine these details throughout the process before officially finalizing the divorce.