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Tip: Treat your divorce like a business negotiation

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2021 | Divorce |

Getting married is a lot like entering into a contract. In fact, marriage is considered a civil contract. Therefore, divorce is essentially dissolving that contract, at least in legal terms.

Individuals considering divorce know it is often much more complex than that. However, many people still find it helps to consider their divorce like a business negotiation.

How can you accomplish this?

Running a business certainly seems very different from raising a family. So, how can you apply such a notion to your divorce? There are a few ways you can focus on this perspective, including:

  • Protect your finances: In business, finances are often the priority. They should be in your divorce as well. You should carefully calculate your finances and assets before, during and after the process of property division, so you can protect your financial future.
  • Focus on the future: Dwelling in the past can lead to disputes during your divorce and even cloud one’s judgment. If you stay focused on the future and your goals, you can often negotiate matters of your divorce more efficiently. After all, business owners work to secure their business’s future when dissolving a contract or partnership, not get back at their business partner.
  • Consider co-parents business partners: You do not necessarily need to get along with your ex-spouse or even agree with them. Business partners often do not agree with each other. As long as both parties work toward a common goal then the partnership can work effectively.

This is not to say business transactions never involve disputes. However, that is why it is often helpful for families to consider mediation in the event of a divorce, so they can play an active role in protecting their best interests and their family’s future while still emphasizing negotiation.

What about the emotional aspects?

Treating your divorce as a business negotiation can be hard to do with all of the emotions involved. This advice is not to say that emotions do not play a critical role in the process of divorce. Even so, it does highlight the importance of not letting emotions get in the way of the divorce proceedings and the future.

Making efforts to stay civil and professional – as if you were negotiating a business deal – can go a long way as you navigate your divorce.