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Easier co-parenting with the help of apps

On Behalf of | May 24, 2018 | Child Custody |

One of the biggest struggles after a divorce can be co-parenting.

Conversations about shared responsibilities can lead to arguments, stress and hurt feelings.

While each custody agreement is different, co-parenting can be difficult for anyone. Here are a few app suggestions to make life easier for both parents and children.

The big caveat is that each parent needs to actually participate in these apps for them to work.

Google Calendar

With shareable calendars and repeatable reminders, this app helps divorced parents communicate.

Share a calendar with your ex that includes appointments, important dates and repeating events. This helps coordinate things like doctor check-ups, birthdays or basketball practice.

Set reminders for the can’t-miss events like piano recitals. Negotiate parenting swaps ahead of time for vacations or holidays.

Google Calendar makes this all easy to do. A month can be organized in a few hours, and shared calendars can ensure that neither of you miss a thing.


Cozi was developed from the ground up with co-parenting in mind.

Like Google, the app comes with a shared calendar. However, Cozi also offers features like to-do-lists and a journal feature.

The added features can help you keep track of dinner schedules or science project materials. This helps both you and your ex stay on the same page.

Cozi allows you to share everything with the other parent ensuring both of you are in the know.

Square Cash

Keeping expenses straight can be a challenge for even fiscally responsible couples.

With divorced parents, it gets even trickier to keep accounts and expenses straight.

If you and your ex-partner struggle to keep expenses organized, Square Cash can help.

The free app links to your bank account and allows you to request or send money to anyone with just a button.

This can be helpful if your child needs extra school supplies or if you and your ex are required to divide things like medical expenses or extra-curricular expenses.

Square takes the awkwardness out of asking for money. The app also provides a history of all your transactions so you can easily see what’s been paid.

Co-parenting can be a stressful endeavor. These apps can take some of the pain out of communicating and help you and your ex coordinate your busy schedules.

If you have any questions about divorce, visitation or co-parenting an experienced family law attorney can help.