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Don’t make these mistakes if you are headed for mediation

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2018 | Divorce Mediation |

Most people who are getting divorced will go through the mediation process, whether they choose to or a court orders them to. Mediation can be an effective way to resolve divorce-related matters cooperatively and peacefully, but it does have some challenges.

One such challenge occurs if someone sabotages mediation efforts, intentionally or not. Certain actions or behaviors can make it all but impossible to work together; they could also harm a person’s case if it heads to court. As such, it is important to avoid the following mistakes that often jeopardize the mediation process.

Don’t vent on social media

Once divorce proceedings are underway, you should assume that everything share, say or like online can be used against you or seen by your ex and a judge. Even if you think you are only venting to followers or friends, your words and pictures can come back to haunt you. As such, be especially careful with what you say — and disclose — online. You might even consider taking a break from social media altogether during divorce.

Don’t get reckless with money

Spending money, opening credit cards or neglecting mortgage payments are all financial mistakes people can make during a divorce. Some people make them because they want their ex to pay, or because they think it will give them an advantage during the division of assets. However, spending a lot of money or skipping payments can ultimately work against you and lead to contention that adversely affects mediation.

Don’t break the rules

During a divorce, following the rules is critical — and expected. In other words, don’t break the law and abide by any support or custody agreements that may be in place. Following these and other basic rules can ensure you don’t make a mistake that makes a divorce more contentious or problematic.

Avoiding these missteps can keep your mediation efforts on track and help you get through your divorce more peacefully. If you have questions or concerns about specific actions or behaviors and how they might affect mediation, then you can discuss them with your attorney.