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Tips for traveling with your kids if you share custody

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2017 | Child Custody |

Millions of people travel over the holidays, whether it is just over the river and through the woods or on a flight across the world. Regardless of where your travel plans take you this holiday season, you would be wise to take steps now to ensure your trip goes smoothly, particularly if you share custody of your kids and plan to take them with you.

In this post, we will look at some of the basic steps you can take to avoid custodial conflicts and help your children enjoy the holidays.

Communicate your plans

Make sure the other parent knows where you are going and has agreed to the travel plans, regardless of whether you are visiting another city in your home state or travelling outside of the country. Even if you have previously addressed the trip with the other parent earlier in the year, it can be helpful to remind them of your plans a month or so in advance to clear up any potential confusion. 

Prepare the necessary documentation

If you are traveling out of the country, make certain your children have their passports. You should also collect any correspondence with the other parent regarding travel schedules and approval; have it ready in the event that any legal issues regarding travel permissions or restrictions arise.

Talk to your kids 

If you are newly divorced and/or if you have young children, understand they may be scared or apprehensive about spending the holidays away from their other parent and in a new place. Talk to them before your trip and discuss ways they can stay in touch with the other parent. You may also be able to find ways to observe certain traditions while you are traveling to maintain a sense of comfort and stability for your children.

Know your plan; know your legal options

Thorough preparation can make a considerable difference if you are traveling with your kids this holiday. It can ensure everyone is on the same page and allow you and your kids to relax and enjoy your time together. However, if conflicts do arise, then it is important that you act fast to address them. Talk to an attorney who can advise you of your legal options and rights.