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Getting organized is the key in a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Divorce |

The process of ending a marriage is not always an easy one. You essentially must figure out how to divide your entire married life, so you and your spouse can go your separate ways. In order to do this, the ability to organize will be critical.

What do you need to organize?

One essential aspect of dividing marital property is taking inventory of the marital assets you own. That process will involve a significant amount of paperwork. Therefore, it will be helpful to collect:

  • Financial statements: It will be essential to gather all of your financial documents. We have discussed this in previous blog posts, but it is an important step that bears repeating. This includes account information from savings accounts, bank accounts and retirement savings.
  • Ownership documents: You should collect property titles, deeds and property tax documents – from North Carolina and wherever you may hold property. Anything that can prove you own a particular asset will be necessary when dividing property.
  • Policy information: Your insurance policies will also come into play in this process, so it is critical to retain documents regarding their information, from your health insurance to your home insurance.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the documentation you will have to gather. That fact alone is an important reason why you must get organized.

3 tips to help you get your affairs in order

Getting organized can be a challenge in the best of times. Amid the stress of divorce, it can be even more so. During this time, it can help to:

  • Keep a separate, detailed calendar or planner
  • Document everything
  • Obtain professional guidance

Taking steps to organize your documents and assets on your own is critical. However, seeking help from legal and financial professionals can help. They have the training necessary to take a comprehensive inventory, understand your finances and help you organize your assets, so you can protect them.