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Can literature help your child through your divorce?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Divorce |

There are many studies out there that extol the benefits of reading, from broadening your vocabulary to improving your mental health. Reading books may have particular benefits for kids in stressful situations as well – such as divorce.

As we have discussed in previous blog posts, there are many resources online and in North Carolina to help your children cope as you navigate divorce. However, how might books help?

4 ways books about divorce can assist

Throughout history, humans have turned to literature to help them understand the world around them. This age-old tradition can even help your children as they grow accustomed to the changes your divorce may bring. For example, books about divorce may help to:

  1. Explain situations in age-appropriate ways: You and your spouse should sit down with your child to tell them about the divorce. However, this can be a stressful conversation for everyone. It can also leave your children with a lot of questions. While you should do your best to answer these questions, there are many books that can fill in the gaps and provide an empathetic explanation of the situation, and of the feelings that your child may experience.
  2. Deal with and articulate your child’s feelings: Along those lines, age-appropriate books about divorce can also help your child better understand their own emotions. It is common for children to feel sad, angry or even guilty about their parents’ divorce. The right books can help children work through these feelings and even give them the language to describe their emotions about the divorce.
  3. Allow kids to see themselves: Whether they are picture books or chapter books, stories about children whose parents divorced can help your own children feel that they are not alone. Children can identify with the characters in these stories and that can often help them have the confidence to move forward.
  4. Manage stress: Reading itself can help individuals reduce stress, according to Healthline. Your child may be able to find solace in books, regardless of whether or not they are about families of divorce.

Of course, you cannot force your child to read. There are other forms of media that can help as well, such as child-friendly films or television shows. Whatever kind of media it is, you should carefully consider the details to ensure they may actually help and support your child.