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Questions to ask before making post-divorce modifications

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Modifications |

You have finally been offered the job of your dreams after all your hard work. Even so, it is still important to consider your work-life balance. After a divorce, considering your work-life balance will also require you to determine if there are any modifications necessary to your post-divorce arrangements.

5 questions to answer

If you get a new job, your living and financial circumstances may change. That means you may have to make modifications to both your current child custody arrangement and child support payments, regardless of whether you pay or receive support. When approaching life changes – like a new job – after a divorce, it is important to answer these questions:

  1. Will taking this job require you to relocate? If so, will you still be in North Carolina, or will you have to move out of state?
  2. How much will your income change?
  3. What kinds of benefits will this job offer? For example, you may wish to change which parent covers your child’s health insurance depending on these benefits.
  4. What other circumstances might change by taking this job?
  5. How much are you willing to negotiate and adjust your time with your children?

There are many more details unique to your circumstances that you will have to evaluate. These are simply some of the general issues to address.

Being prepared reduces the stress surrounding change

When faced with changes like this, it is important to answer those questions listed above and think about how your circumstances will change ahead of time. That way, you can:

  • Understand what kind of modifications you must make
  • Plan how to discuss the proposed modifications with your ex-spouse
  • Prepare yourself and your family for the modifications

Any life change can make your thoughts race with stress. That stress might multiply when you factor in the adjustments you will have to make to your post-divorce life. However, carefully considering and understanding the details of your situation can help you feel more prepared to take on this change.