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How do I adapt to being a single parent after my divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Child Custody |

After the divorce, you and your ex-spouse moved forward with your co-parenting journey in two separate households. Even though you are co-parenting, in your home it feels like you are effectively a single parent.

This is a new experience after a significant life change like divorce. So, how can you adjust to this new parenting situation?

Turn to your friends and family

The loss of parenting support within the household can be one of the biggest changes parents face after the divorce. However, simply because a co-parent is no longer living in your home does not mean you are without support.

Trusted friends and family members can provide considerable support during this time. You may be able to rely on them for:

  • Assistance with childcare
  • Cooking some meals
  • Assistance completing chores

They also can provide you with emotional and general support during this time. It will take time to adapt to your new role as a single parent, as well as your new routines. Your family and friends can help you do so.

Find a balance between work and parenting time

Navigating your work-life balance can become more challenging as a single parent. You may have to work out a new personal schedule that works for you – and your North Carolina custody agreement. The Harvard Business Review highlights some ways that single parents can find this balance.

Explore ways to deal with stress

There is no doubt that transitioning from a two-parent household to a single-parent household can be stressful for everyone involved. On top of the residual emotions from the divorce, the stress that comes with adjusting to single parenting can be overwhelming to manage.

That is why it is critical to take time to expressly care for yourself and deal with this stress. For example, you might:

  • Make time to fully relax, even for a short time every day
  • Consider mental health counseling
  • Take care of your physical health

As Verywell Mind notes, burnout can become a serious issue for single parents. Staying aware of this and ensuring you have a support system is essential to help you not only adjust, but thrive as a single parent.