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Can you keep your divorce out of court?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2022 | Divorce Mediation |

You and your spouse have decided to divorce. It was not an easy decision, but now you must move forward with the process of ending your marriage.

This process can feel daunting, especially considering the possibility of going to North Carolina family court. Taking family matters to court often only adds to your stress, so you may wonder: is it possible to keep your divorce out of court?

The short answer is yes

There are many options available to resolve and settle a divorce outside of court. Mediation is one of the most common options families choose. This option allows spouses to control the negotiations of their divorce and find solutions with the help of a mediator.

Mediation is not exclusive to amicable divorces either. Even if spouses do not agree on matters in their divorce, mediation can work for them if they are:

  • Willing to negotiate and work together
  • Committed to keeping matters out of court

The level of willingness and commitment is a key factor in determining whether mediation will work for you. However, one of the primary goals of mediation is conflict resolution. Simply facing conflict does not mean mediation will not work for you, as long as you and your spouse commit to mediating your divorce.

How do you commit to mediating?

There are some cases when mediation may not be the way to navigate your divorce, such as if there is a history of abuse. If that is not the case, then how can spouses decide if mediation is right for them and commit to mediation?

Commitment is often about your mindset. Psychology Today notes that there are a few ways you can adjust your mindset, including:

  • Actively putting the family and kids first
  • Focusing on the outcome of your divorce and your family’s future

Effectively managing your emotions can also help you change your mindset, as well as how you approach your divorce. That way, you concentrate on problem-solving and keeping your divorce out of court.