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Do I need a lawyer to help with my divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2022 | Divorce |

You and your spouse have agreed to divorce. Overall, you face an amicable end to your marriage.

So, you may wonder, do you really need an attorney? Online resources provide a lot of information about divorce. Some even offer do-it-yourself services. Even so, there are a few reasons you should consider consulting an attorney.

3 ways an attorney can help

It can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable to involve an outside party in your private family life and relationships. However, agreeing to divorce does not necessarily mean spouses will agree on every matter throughout the process of their divorce.

In any case, whether spouses agree or face disputes, a divorce attorney will be able to:

  1. Explain your rights: There are many legal matters to address when ending a marriage, from child custody to property division. It is critical to fully understand your rights, your options, and the rules under North Carolina law. For example, simply because your spouse’s name is the only one on a financial account does not mean that it is separate property. There are many cases where it could be marital property. An attorney can help you understand your property rights – and parental rights – to ensure fairness and protect your future after a divorce.
  2. Provide customized guidance: A divorce attorney understands the rules and requirements to end a marriage legally. However, a good attorney takes time to understand your needs and circumstances and customizes their approach to meet those needs. For example, an attorney could serve as an advisor, explaining your options and counseling what would make an agreement fair. Especially if you choose mediation, you maintain more control over your divorce. Your attorney can provide you with support, knowledge and advice when you need it in these cases.
  3. Offer experience: Every divorce is different, but an attorney can provide valuable insight after years of working with state laws and gaining experience helping individuals navigate their divorces and protect their family’s needs.

Even if you and your spouse agree on most issues in your divorce, consulting an attorney can help you better understand the process and your situation. That way both of you can move forward with the process with confidence.

Choose guidance that works for you

Of course, you must be selective about the attorney you choose to help you throughout your divorce. Ending a marriage is a very personal matter but it is also a legal process. Therefore, you should find a knowledgeable, experienced attorney with whom you feel comfortable working.

You do not have to rush the process. Take time to interview attorneys and find one that you can trust.