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Mediation keeps you in control of your divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2022 | Divorce Mediation |

Nowadays, more and more couples are choosing to end their marriage by mediating their divorce instead of taking matters to court. There are many benefits to this option, from potentially saving money to reducing the risk of conflict.

One of the primary benefits is you are the one who will have control throughout your divorce proceedings. Here are three of the factors to consider when you move forward with mediation.

1. You have control of the process

In divorce mediation, you are the one in the driver’s seat. The mediator is present to guide you as a neutral third party. They may also serve as an assistant in conflict resolution.

However, you and your spouse are the ones who have the control when negotiating the terms of your divorce. If divorces end up in a North Carolina court, it is usually the judge who determines these terms, including what a “fair division” of your marital property is, instead of you.

2. You can control your future

The process of mediation involves several stages. One of the earlier stages is the framing stage – though different mediators might refer to this stage with different names. In this step, the mediator will assist spouses to:

  • Determine what kind of outcome they want
  • Illustrate their reasons for wanting that outcome
  • Outline their priorities, values and concerns going forward

Essentially, both spouses determine their goals for the future in this stage. Clearly stating and understanding these goals before moving forward helps individuals to focus on reaching realistic solutions as they navigate their divorce.

Of course, framing your goals will not guarantee a specific outcome. Even so, with both spouses going through this stage and retaining control over the negotiation process, they can work to secure a future that promotes the best interests of their children and their family overall.

3. You control your privacy

If a divorce goes to court, the proceedings are a public record. Not many people might be looking into North Carolina’s public records for divorce filings. Even so, family matters are intensely personal, private affairs. Mediation allows you to keep things in the family and maintain your privacy.

Mediation might not be the right fit for everyone or every divorce. This process is important to consider though, as it can help many spouses and families reduce their stress as they proceed through their divorce and into their future.