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3 steps to take when you are considering divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Divorce |

Thinking about getting a divorce is no small matter. Simply considering the prospect can feel daunting.

As we have discussed in previous blog posts, there are many steps to take to prepare yourself for a divorce, from understanding the legal requirements to securing your finances. However, there are other steps that you should not overlook even before beginning the official process of a divorce.

1. Consider the timing

Timing can play a larger role in divorce than many people might think. It is an important aspect to consider for two reasons:

Of course, there is no “right time” to divorce. Life is unpredictable. However, factoring it into your overall plan can help you prepare yourself.

2. Make privacy a priority

It is critical to get organized before beginning the process of a divorce. For example, you must obtain copies of important documents and it is helpful to create a detailed inventory of your separate and marital assets.

In addition to this, it is even more critical to protect your privacy. You should make sure you secure:

  • Social media accounts and email
  • Cellphone information
  • Bank and credit card accounts

Maintaining privacy does not mean you are hiding anything. It is a starting point to establishing your own finances and protecting your digital assets as you move forward.

3. Remember: You are not alone

Considering a divorce can feel very isolating – even lonely. It is common to doubt your decision or feel lost as you navigate it alone.

However, you do not have to go through divorce alone. There are many support systems available outside of your friends and family, including:

  • Divorce support groups
  • Mental health or family counselors
  • Legal advocates

They have experience with these matters and are available to help you. Many people hesitate to reach out for help, but it can make a big difference in this difficult time.