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Can I date before my divorce is final?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2021 | Divorce |

Finding a new partner can feel magical – especially after an unhappy or unfulfilling marriage ends. Even so, beginning a relationship with a new partner can quickly become complicated if your divorce is not yet final.

There is no rule or law prohibiting individuals from dating during their divorce proceedings, and you are free to date once you separate from your spouse. However, there are a few matters that you should consider before doing so.

Three things to consider before dating again

While there is no rule against dating during a divorce, there could be unintentional consequences. It is critical to be aware of these potential issues before you begin a relationship.

Additionally, it is essential to take the effects of dating someone new into account, including:

  1. Added stress: Navigating divorce and preparing for your life post-divorce requires a considerable amount of time and focus. On top of that, you also have your family to worry about as well as your job. With all of this on your plate, it is a good idea to approach a new relationship with care to ensure it does not add to your stress during this time.
  2. Increased conflict: A relationship with a new partner could potentially lead to more conflict and tension with your ex-spouse. For example, angry ex-spouses might hear of a new relationship and issue accusations of an affair during the marriage. This could complicate the divorce proceedings. A rise in tension does not necessarily result in such accusations, but it could also lead to more arguments throughout the process.
  3. Considering the kids: Dating someone new not only creates tension between you and your ex-spouse – but it might also lead to tension and confusion for your children. It is important to take great care when you approach a new relationship to protect your parenting time in the custody arrangement, as well as your children’s best interests.

Every person – and every case – is different. What is important is that you carefully consider what dating again will mean for you, and then do what is best for you and your family.