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Does it really matter where you live when you divorce?

by | Apr 21, 2021 | Divorce |

When couples decide to move on and end their marriage, parties often seek out ways to make this life-changing choice and process less stressful. The party researches different options to approach their divorce, tips to co-parent and the requirements they must meet to divorce in their state. This research might lead some individuals to wonder: is getting a divorce truly easier in some states?

Report: Where Does North Carolina Rank Among the “Best” States to Get Divorced in?

It is human nature to compare. Several organizations and news sources often compare states, determining which ones are better or worse to live or raise a family in. Many of these studies also attempt to determine which states are better or worse to obtain a divorce in.

This most recent study evaluated several factors in order to give each state a score out of 100 – with 100 meaning divorce is often more difficult. These factors included:

  • The minimum time it takes to divorce
  • The filing fees and costs of divorce
  • The average attorney and legal fees in the state
  • The average rate of divorce in the state

According to these calculations, North Carolina ranked 11.09 out of 100 on the scale. North Carolina frequently hovered around this same rating in past studies as well.

What Does This Mean for Your Divorce?

It is important to note that the terms “best” and “worst” in these studies do not mean what they typically mean. They generally refer to how easy or potentially challenging it is to divorce in these states. In other words, North Carolina’s ranking indicates that divorce is less challenging and more efficient than in other states.

However, these ratings are very general and divorce is not. Every divorce is different because every family is different. These ratings do not factor in unique details of an individual’s life that could impact the process of their divorce.

Studies like this do provide some insight. Namely, it is important for spouses to understand the factors these studies evaluate, including state requirements and rules. But there is no “best” or “worst” when it comes to divorce.