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Planning to move? Three things to remember after a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Divorce, Modifications |

According to several studies over the years, getting a divorce and moving are two of the most stressful life experiences. Yet many people often face these two events at roughly the same time. It is common for individuals to relocate after they finalize their divorce. While parents should never overlook the stressful effects these events could have on them, they must also ensure they approach the process properly.

Three steps to take when considering a relocation

There are many reasons that individuals relocate after divorce, ranging from new job opportunities to  moving closer to family members. As they begin searching for a new place to live there are a few things parents must do first.

Parents must:

  1. Talk to their ex-spouse: Regardless of the reason for the relocation, individuals should generally speak to their ex-spouse about the potential or planned move.. Communication is one of the most important aspects of co-parenting. Therefore, parents should discuss their plans or thoughts about moving as soon as reasonably possible. This can help reduce stress and even facilitate the process, especially if parents can work out an arrangement that accommodates the relocation and works for the whole family.
  2. Talk to their kids: While it is critical to speak with the child’s other parent first, the children should not be left in the dark about the plans to relocate. Explain the reason for relocating and have an open conversation about the changes moving can bring. It might also be beneficial to involve them in the process. If children must relocate as well, allowing them to have a say in the matter can make it easier and even exciting for them.
  3. Prepare themselves: Everyone knows that preparing for a move can be a big undertaking. Divorced parents with children often face even more challenges. They should ensure they take time to find a good location for their children and carefully evaluate the financial aspects of relocating. However, they must also make sure they review and modify their child custody agreement, if needed, as well as understand the rules in North Carolina for relocating. If the other parent is not in agreement with making modifications to the custody order or agreement, it is critical that you seek legal advice from a Family Law attorney to discuss your plans for moving and how it may impact your case.

Taking time to prepare for relocation and not rushing the process is critical to ensure parents get things right and reduce the stress the entire family could face in this circumstance.