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Spouses who are hesitant to divorce might try delay tactics

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Divorce |

Deciding to end a marriage is never easy. It can involve a lot of emotional turmoil, doubt and grief. But, once you make the decision, knowing it is the right choice, it can be frustrating if your partner tries to put on the brakes.

There are many reasons why one spouse is often more hesitant to proceed with a divorce than the other. Whether they believe they can save their marriage, or they are simply anxious about the future, they might try to delay the divorce process.

How can you tell your spouse is trying to delay the divorce?

Tactics to delay or stall divorce proceedings are not always obvious. A hesitant spouse might:

  • “Forget” to sign agreements or important documents
  • Claim health issues to avoid or reschedule meetings
  • File unnecessary motions
  • Avoid all communication with you
  • Become incredibly particular about the details of agreements

These tactics can seem small or inconvenient, but they can significantly disrupt and prolong your divorce proceedings.

What can you do to keep the process moving?

Many times, spouses use delay tactics because they are afraid. Alternatively, they may intentionally try to prolong the process to increase stress and expenses as an act of revenge. It is easy to get angry in these situations, but anger will rarely help you move forward.

If your spouse is trying to slow down the divorce, it may be helpful to:

  1. Determine how to move forward: If you can, work together to find solutions for how you and your spouse can move forward with the divorce comfortably. For example, it might be beneficial to consider mediation to resolve issues in your divorce, such as how you will divide your marital assets under North Carolina law.
  2. Ask an attorney what you should do: If your spouse still will not budge and continues to delay the divorce, an experienced divorce attorney can help you understand how to can protect your rights and advise you what steps you should take.

Lastly, finding small things to agree on as you move forward can help resolve your divorce amicably and efficiently. It may also help you enter the next chapters of your lives without resentment.