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Is money stress keeping women in unhappy marriages?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Divorce |

Deciding whether to file for divorce or not is a daunting and life-changing choice. After all, divorce itself is not easy, but it is sometimes necessary for individuals who do not feel happy or fulfilled in their marriage to find a new start in their life.

However, new evidence suggests that women might not be pursuing divorce as an option if they feel too much financial stress. 

Finances are one of the top reasons for divorce

Disagreements over finances are one of the most common contributing factors to divorce. Sometimes, a couple’s financial values do not match up, or they do not agree on how to spend or invest their money. Constant disagreements or arguments about money can affect many other aspects of the relationship and result in couples pursuing a divorce.

There are many other reasons that couples file for divorce, though finances also seem to be a reason that couples stay in a dysfunctional marriage.

Yet, financial anxiety leads women to avoid divorce

According to CNBC News, women are much more concerned about their financial security than men. In general, 62% of women report that they are more stressed about money, versus only 52% of men. 

There are several possible reasons for this increased stress on women, including:

  • Continuing issues regarding the gender pay gap
  • More women than men putting their career on hold to raise children
  • Spouses depending on each other financially

The combination of these issues often causes women to stay in an unhappy marriage–or possibly even a toxic one. For some women, if they do not feel financially secure in a marriage, then they worry it might become even worse if they divorce.

Is that true?

Like most matters in divorce, one’s financial security greatly depends on their circumstances. 

For example, Bloomberg reports that women tend to face more financial challenges than men after a gray divorce. Other sources, on the other hand, report that a divorce can have some surprising financial benefits, including:

  • Managing one’s own budget
  • Maintaining more control over their finances
  • Readjusting financial priorities to meet their needs

That is why it is critical for individuals to consider their financial situation carefully before a divorce.

It is important to note that North Carolina family courts strive to maintain financial stability after a divorce through the property division process or spousal support awards. Worries about one’s financial health should not stop individuals from exploring their options to end an unhappy and unhealthy marriage.