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Could an app make it easier to share child custody?

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2019 | Child Custody |

North Carolina families have been dealing with legal issues like divorce and child custody for decades. And while these cases may be more visible now than they were a generation or two ago, the fact is that they are not new issues.

However, there are new approaches and solutions that can help parents address these problems in innovative ways. For instance, technology like mobile phone and tablet applications known as “apps” can make co-parenting or sharing custody easier and less adversarial.

One app, like this article discusses, allows parents to easily speak with a mediator, talk to the other parent and/or collaborate on scheduling. Others track expenses and payments.

The technology utilized in these apps can offer advanced solutions to help parents in a few critical ways.

  • Communicating – Keeping communication lines open can be crucial in maintaining a positive parenting arrangement. There are apps that can track text conversations and store them, in case they may be necessary to review later. There are also apps that use artificial intelligence to examine text exchanges before a person sends them. This can stop a parent from sending an angry, hostile or explicit message.
  • Staying out of court – Many of the disputes parents have after a custody plan is in place are logistical. Sometimes minor disagreements can explode into serious disputes. However, utilizing apps and other programs to track data and schedules and allow parents to communicate can make it easier to avoid or resolve problems before they erupt into something more serious.
  • Coordinating plans – Apps can help parents keep track of the custody schedule in their court orders or other written agreements, request periodic schedule changes and note any conflicts or issues that may arise. Having this all in one place can prevent fights and serve as evidence if the parents ever wind up in court.

    While there are still issues that require legal remedies and intervention, modern solutions like the apps that are currently available can allow parents to tackle traditional challenges of sharing custody after divorce more easily.