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3 steps to take if you are ready to remarry

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2019 | Divorce |

Divorce is a difficult chapter in many people’s lives. However, it is only one chapter. After a divorce, people move on and hopefully find happiness in a new life — and often, a new relationship.

If you are in this situation, remarrying could be on the horizon. While you may be more than ready to embrace a new marriage, there are a few steps you would be wise to take to keep the previous marriage and unfortunate experiences in the past. 

  1. Have a prenuptial agreement – Whether you had an amicable or contentious divorce, you likely know that the process can be very difficult. You also know first-hand that relationships can end, even if you vow to spend your life with your partner. Having this experience can be valuable if you apply it to your subsequent relationships. One way to do this is to have a prenuptial agreement in place. Doing so can shield you, your partner and your kids from the more difficult aspects of a divorce, should it come to that.
  2. Review alimony orders – If you receive alimony from an ex, know that remarriage — or even cohabitation — will be grounds for termination, in accordance with state alimony laws. In other words, if you live with your partner and/or get remarried, any alimony you may be receiving from your ex-spouse will terminate. 
  3. Discuss changes with and regarding your children – Have an age-appropriate discussion with your children about the remarriage. Listen to them and take seriously any concerns or hesitations they have. You can also address any changes in your custody plan that may be necessary. Perhaps you and your new partner will move far away, or your children want to spend more time with you or their other parent after the remarriage. These are serious issues that warrant honest, open discussions to ensure your children continue to feel safe and loved.

Finding a new partner after divorce is a wonderful, joyful event worth celebrating. However, while you may have put your previous marriage behind you, there are still elements of it that can affect your new relationship. Taking these steps can help you avoid such adverse and surprising developments.