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Study finds link between women’s professional success and divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2018 | Divorce |

Countless studies attempt to link certain traits, behaviors or events to an increased risk of getting divorce. While interesting, these studies are not proof that an individual marriage with last or come to an end. That being said, they can give some perspective onto specific challenges divorcing couples might face. 

For instance, a recent study out of Sweden suggests that there is a link between women who get promoted and a higher rate of divorce. In this post, we will discuss what we hope readers take away from the study.

Success is not a recipe for divorce

Successful women are not destined for a divorce. The study authors note that their findings were limited to women who were not working or who were earning less than their husbands at the time they got married, and women in “gender traditional” couples. 

In other words, the promotions were likely unexpected and probably caused a dramatic shift in gender roles. 

Professional changes have a personal impact

When any person, regardless of whether it’s a husband or wife, goes through a significant change at work, it can affect home life. In these situations, new problems can develop and existing problems can get worse when one or both people feel overextended, unsatisfied or taken for granted. 

As is the case with any difficult marital issue, sometimes couples work through it and stay married and sometimes they do not. It is very difficult decision every person must make on his or her own.

Be prepared if dramatic changes lead to divorce

If you are getting divorced in light of any significant change, be it a shift in gender roles or a traumatic family event, it is important to prepare for how it might affect the divorce process.

For some people, feelings like anger, resentment and bitterness are especially powerful, and this could make an amicable divorce all but impossible. For others, there is an understanding that the relationship has run its course, and it could be as peaceful of a process as possible. 

In either case, both spouses should have legal counsel to help them navigate the legal system and secure a fair settlement.