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Four ways mediation can benefit your children

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2017 | Divorce Mediation |

In previous posts, we have discussed the various ways in which mediation can help divorcing spouses reach fair and amicable resolutions to the issues in their case. 

It is also important to recognize that mediation can be advantageous for other people besides the divorcing spouses. For instance, your children can benefit from this method of alternative dispute resolution as well and for a number of reasons we will examine in this post. 

  1. Mediation emphasizes peaceful dispute resolution. Kids can be very impressionable and vulnerable when their parents are divorcing. Instead of seeing parents fight and sling mud during a divorce, they can see that their parents are able to cooperate and prioritize peaceful solutions. This sends a powerful message about the importance of working out differences respectfully.
  2. It keeps the case out of court. Cases that go through litigation have the potential to become public displays of bitterness and resentment. This can be very painful for children to endure, so choosing mediation over litigation can be in their best interests.
  3. It can shorten the legal process. Divorce can and does take time, unfortunately. However, you can eliminate many delays and time restrictions when you resolve issues through mediation instead of litigation. Doing so helps you and your kids get through this difficult phase more quickly and move ahead to the next chapter.
  4. Mediation can help parents create unique solutions that best fit their family. Rather than leave decisions like custody or parenting plans in the hands of a stranger, parents can work together to create a plan for their family in mediation. These plans should reflect the unique needs of your kids, as well as the lifestyles and relationships you want to maintain in the future.

Divorce may not ever be “easy,” but it doesn’t necessarily have to be excessively bitter or contentious, either. While it is still difficult and takes hard work, pursuing solutions through mediation can help a divorce go more smoothly and protect your children’s best interests now and in the years to come.