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3 ways you could be delaying your divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2017 | Divorce |

The divorce process is a painful one, and it takes a toll on people emotionally, physically, socially and financially. Considering how difficult this time can be, it is understandable that people often want to get through it as quickly as possible.

If this sounds like your goal as you consider divorce, you should be aware of some common missteps people make that can delay divorce and drag out the legal process unnecessarily. Knowing what these missteps are can help you avoid them and stay focused on moving forward.

  1. Refusing to mediate: Mediation can move the divorce process along much more quickly than litigation. Even if you cannot resolve every issue in mediation, resolving even just one can cut down the amount of time you spend in court later on. With this in mind, mediation may not be the best option in every case and having an attorney who can assess your particular case and determine if mediation is right for you is crucial.
  2. Having (and holding onto) unrealistic expectations: These might include expecting unreasonably high monthly spousal support payments or waiting for a settlement that awards you all of the marital assets. If you have expectations that are not supported by state laws and guidelines, then it would be wise to let go of those expectations and listen to an experienced attorney who can guide you towards a fair outcome.
  3. Making false allegations: False allegations can have real consequences. For example, if you accuse the other party of hiding assets, there will likely be an investigation into such misconduct. This takes time and resources, and the allegations can make the divorce process more contentious. A contentious divorce can take longer to resolve than an amicable one.

Having legal guidance by your side can be valuable in these situations. You likely have not been in this situation before, which makes it easy to be confused or misled. An attorney experienced in family law matters can help you navigate the legal system more easily and identify solutions you might not have considered on your own, which can help you secure the fair and reasonable outcome you deserve.