Getting Fair Child Support Payments

If you need a family law attorney to protect your rights in a child support dispute, contact the Raleigh Divorce Law Firm. We have extensive experience in child support matters, including initial child support calculations during a divorce and post-decree child support modifications. We also assist clients with child support issues that arise in paternity cases, which involve unwed parents.

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North Carolina Child Support Laws

The North Carolina child support guidelines create a mathematical formula that is utilized by courts to compute child support awards. The guidelines take into consideration the income of both parties, who pays the health care insurance premiums and the cost of any work-related child care. Careful consideration must also be given to certain additional costs such as uninsured medical expenses.

While the formula is straightforward, child support cases can be complex. Unique issues may require the assistance of an experienced family law attorney. Such issues include:

  • Determining the gross and net income of a self-employed parent
  • Imputing income to voluntarily unemployed parents
  • Cases involving children with special needs that may involve higher costs of care

An experienced divorce and family law attorney at our firm can review your case and perform a guideline support calculation on your behalf to determine the amount of support you should be paying or receiving. We can also assist clients with child support modifications. Our attorneys practice exclusively in divorce and family law matters, so we can provide the sound guidance and vigorous representation you require.

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