Is Alimony A Possibility?

Alimony can be one of the most complex and potentially contentious aspects of a divorce. If you are involved in a divorce which you or your spouse may seek alimony, it is critical that you have an experienced divorce lawyer on your side who will protect your rights.

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Alimony In North Carolina

Spouses may reach an agreement on the issue of alimony. If spouses are unable to reach an agreement, it becomes a matter for the Court.

The law governing alimony claims in North Carolina grants judges considerable discretion. The Court has discretion to grant or deny alimony and to fashion an alimony order in an amount and for a duration it determines appropriate.

Alimony claims are evaluated in a two-step process in North Carolina. First the spouse seeking alimony must prove to the Court's satisfaction that he or she is a dependent spouse. The Court will consider the income of the spouses, any disability of the spouse seeking alimony that may affect his or her ability to provide for basic needs and other factors. Second, the Court will take into account the issue of fault. While the spouse seeking alimony does not have to prove that his or her spouse engaged in marital misconduct (e.g., an extra-marital affair), infidelity will bar the dependent spouse from receiving an award of alimony.

Protect Your Rights

Given the significant discretion granted to Courts, it is critical that you have a skilled family law lawyer who can negotiate a favorable agreement on your behalf or make a compelling case on your behalf at trial. You will receive the knowledgeable and vigorous representation you require as a client of the Raleigh Divorce Law Firm.

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