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How does child custody work in North Carolina?

If you and your spouse are ready to get divorced, you may be concerned with how to share time with your children once you are separated and no longer living in the same house. North Carolina's legal standard for determining custody arrangements is "the best interest of the child." As you can imagine, many divorcing couples have different ideas about what is in their child or children's best interests. 

5 common divorce mediation myths

No one ever goes into marriage thinking one day it's all going to end in a flurry of arguments and divorce papers. People change, however -- it's just a fact of life -- meaning the two people who say "I do" in the beginning may not be the same people dissolving their marriage in the end.

Why some custody orders don't last forever

When Sarah and Andy got divorced, they had it all worked out: They would split custody. Each would have half the week, and they would alternate Sundays. This worked well for them when the kids were little since Sarah only worked weekends and could be home with the kids the first part of the week.

How custody is determined for unmarried couples with children

Divorcing couples aren't the only ones who have to deal with child custody issues. Nowadays, many couples decide to have children before getting married or decide not to get married at all. When unmarried couples with children separate, they will have to determine who the child should live with and who will be making decisions involving the child.

Helping Raleigh residents with child custody arrangements

The divorce process is likely one of the hardest things you will ever have to go through in your life. If you have children with your spouse, the process can be even more difficult. You and your ex-spouse may not agree on what is best for the children in terms of where they live, what school they should attend and how often they should split their time between the two of you. You may also disagree about child support and how much your ex-spouse should be receiving for this.

What factors can influence decisions on a child custody schedule?

Loving parents have one major priority when it comes to their children. They want what is best for them. Separation and divorce make it challenging for parents to put aside their personal differences and focus on what custody schedule is in the best interest of their children. To further complicate things, since every family is different, there is not one schedule that works best for all children.

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