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Divorce financial prep

Couples undergoing divorce in North Carolina will face numerous financial issues after their marriage is over. Planning before the separation or divorce can help soften the financial landing.

Once separation or divorce appears likely, a spouse should compile information on income and household expenses. This helps with planning a post-divorce budget and is also important for presenting evidence in court on alimony, child support and dividing assets and debt.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce Mediation is a way to work out disputes in a divorce case with the help of a third party (the mediator) to avoid court and a trial. There is no judge during the mediation and the mediator is not supposed to represent any party or provide any legal advice. While mediation is a way to avoid a trial, cases may still go to trial if the parties are not able to reach an agreement.

The mediator will help communication between the two parties by giving each individual the necessary time to speak and help clarify the communication by asking any questions to determine what the legal issues are and what each party is seeking in the process. In most family law mediations, the parties are in separate rooms and the mediator goes back and forth between the rooms and explains each party's position and proposal. Mediation is about compromise, so the goal is for the parties to reach a solution they can both live with in order to avoid the uncertainty and expense of court. Mediators in family law cases should have experience as a family law attorney or be familiar with family law. An effective mediator needs to have an understanding of the family law issues involved and the potential range of outcomes if the matter goes to court in order to be able to guide the parties towards unique solutions for their particular conflicts.

I'm getting divorced in North Carolina: will I receive alimony?

If you stopped working or put your career on the back burner during your marriage and are considering divorce, then you may be in a position to collect alimony. Broadly speaking, if one spouse supported the other during the marriage, then the courts can award alimony to the dependent spouse temporarily or indefinitely.

However, it is important to understand that courts do not award this type of support in every divorce. Below are some of the factors the courts will consider first when assessing moves for alimony

What factors can influence decisions on a child custody schedule?

Loving parents have one major priority when it comes to their children. They want what is best for them. Separation and divorce make it challenging for parents to put aside their personal differences and focus on what custody schedule is in the best interest of their children. To further complicate things, since every family is different, there is not one schedule that works best for all children.

Below are some important considerations in evaluating what custody schedule would be best for a family: 

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